Markyln Site Contractor Inc, 25 Mansion Road, Cheshire CT - 06410 - 3405

School - Quinnipiac University - Snow Plowing


Marklyn Site Contractors, Inc. has been snow plowing at Quinnipiac University for over 20 years. Before 1998 under we were under another company name. During the winter months Marklyn is on call 24/7 to be at Quinnipiac at signs of bad weather, this is even if Marklyn has other work in progress. Snow takes top priorty to help keep the campus roads safe driving conditions. Marklyn is responsible for the entire main campus on Mt Carmel Avenue and the TD Bank North Sports Complex Center on Sherman Avenue. Marklyn has multiple sander trucks with plows, pickups with plows, loaders with hydraulic plows and regular plows, and a few bobcats that all goes to work when the snow falls. In 2010 we had the most accumulation of snow in many years and Marklyn never missed a beat and kept up to perfection. Near the end there were so many mounds of snow banks we had to haul many tons of it off campus.


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